From that moment onward, I was 100%, hands down hooked on photography. With my husband's insistence and a healthy urging from family and friends, I dove right into the realm of professional photography. I'm not going to lie: it was scary to drop my safe office job and focus solely on taking pictures, but it was something I was so passionate about -- and something I mulled over for several years -- that I knew it was the right choice. It's been four years since I "went pro" and my life has taken a major turn for the amazing. Day in and day out, I spend my hours meeting with incredible clients, heading to gorgeous on-location sessions and then editing the pictures that we took.

My favorite part, though? The reactions of my clients when they get their photographs. Knowing that I helped them preserve a moment in time -- for the rest of their lives and for future generations -- is a feeling that will never, ever get old. Anyway, enough about me. I'm so glad that you're here, browsing through my little slice of the internet. I specialize in a variety of different photography sessions and am absolutely willing to work with you to create an unforgettable session. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions when you're ready. Let's do this!

Well, hello there, new friend! My name is Ashleigh and I am a wife, a mom of three, a coffee addict and a self-admitted photography junkie. Whether I'm snapping pictures, editing photographs from a session or talkin' it up with clients old and new, my life absolutely revolves around my camera (and my family, too, of course).

It all started about five years ago when I decided to spring for a really nice DSLR while I was pregnant with my middle child. Like the type A person I am, I read the manual from front-to-cover, watched countless YouTube tutorials and even signed up for a photography class. I was investing in a camera and had my second child on the way, and I wanted to make all that money worth it.

About Ashleigh.....

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